Colour folds and other things

the painted, photographed and filmed

This exhibition project involved a site-specific installation of paintings, photographs and moving image works. It aimed to respond to the architectural setting of the space whilst allowing for a clustering of sets of paintings and interspersed individual large photographs and three filmic projections.

Thoma aimed to allow for a folding of colour, sound and moving image where particular chromatic features or sonic elements would call each other and enhance the perceived movement within and across images. Whilst the paintings focus on abstract form, as do the large photographs, the series of imaginary landscape photographs and the filmic works show different illusionistic or documented landscapes. Sonic elements included birdsong, machinery, church bells, bird cries, water movement and building site activities.

A conversation between Andrea Thoma and lecturer, artist and musician Kevin Laycock took place at the closing event of the exhibition. During the conversation they were discussing abstraction in painting, Kevin’s curation projects surrounding historical British abstract painting, relations between different media and intermedia and the relationship between image, sound and music.