Andrea Thoma is an artist and researcher who is concerned with place and nomadic dwelling in a contemporary art context. She is particularly interested in the juxtaposition of diverse media to reflect on aspects of image making and to explore a differentiated time-space relation.

Her practice is concerned with durational multiplicity and image perception in painting, photography and audio-visual installations. Thoma considers the physicality of painting in relation to ideas of movement, colour and space. In her video and photographic work, she explores how our (inner) and also our technological processing of images is dependent on or correlated by our physical experience of the world through body.

Thoma is a lecturer at the School of Design of the University of Leeds, UK.  She holds a PhD (2013) – Thesis title Thought Dwellings: Time and Place in Painting, Photography and Video. She is member of the research network LAND2 concerned with landscape/place-oriented art practice.